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MyFamilyPayroll.com is the household payroll division of Redlig Financial Services LLC.  We are a full-service accounting firm serving clients for over 25 years.  We work very closely with our clients on their specific needs, requirements and strategies around their employees.

We specialize in the elder care industry and help families that employ the following domestic service people:
■ Caregivers and Home Health Aides
■ Aides for the Elderly and Incapacitated
■ Nannies
■ Nurses
■ Groundsmen, Gardeners, Maintenance Workers
■ Chefs
■ Butlers
■ Maids

Our strong growth continues due to our dedication to the four underlying principles:

■ Professionalism
■ Responsiveness
■ Personalized and Fully Integrated Service Offering
■ Education

While many firms claim to be business partners with their clients, we are in many instances bona-fide partners with our clients, doing whatever it takes to get the job done or the problem solved.  Due to our unique structure, all clients interact directly with a partner which is different than every CPA firm where most client interactions are with lower level staff.

We have a unique value proposition that offer client’s flexibility and customization so that each solution is crafted to their specific needs and requirements.

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