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Navigating down the path of being an employer is complicated and more involved than you could have imagined.  There are many questions and answers that have to be asked which ultimately get you to the answers you are seeking.  While payroll may seem like a simple idea in concept, it has to be sculpted to each employer’s needs and requirements and they are all different.

In order to help facilitate and educate prospective employers on a few of the most important topics, we have developed a whitepapers series on specific employment based topics.  A whitepaper is a fully inclusive document meant to provide you with facts around a specific topic. These topics include:

Payroll 101 – An Introduction to Payroll and Taxes for Household Employers

The Misnomers of Payroll – Knowing the Facts About Putting an Employee on the Books

A Guide to Understanding the Minimum Wage and Overtime Laws for Household Employers

The Impact of the Wage Theft Protection Act on Domestic Employers in New York State

To request copies of these whitepapers, please Contact us.

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